THE orca SYSTEM; HEllo, BEauTiful!

The Orca System has been developed to create naturally radiant smiles. To that end, we’ve harnessed the most sophisticated technology to achieve precision, speed and aesthetics that make YOU look good --- not to mention your patients.

Better yet, we’ve packaged all that technology in a sleek, beautifully designed, compact package that won’t cramp your style or your space.

The Orca caD/caM Milling System
consists of the following core components:

No errors in translations; no irrelevant info. It all works
together naturally in DElfIN’s advanced Orca System.

All-Inclusive capacity: You name it;
the Orca system will handle it.

As the most advanced dental milling system commercially available, Orca can easily handle any dental milling application.

Smoothly shifting from inlays to veneers, onlays to bridges; whatever it is that your busy practice calls for, just fire up your Orca and go.

Each of the Orca components operates independently, allowing you to set up the scanning unit in one area and the milling unit in another, as required. additionally, the Orca system can be fully integrated with other advanced imaging units and chairside dental scanners.

  • Single Units
  • Bridges of up to 16 units
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Full-Coverage Crowns
  • Conus Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Telescoping Constructions
  • Implant Abutments

iT’S all in a
DaY’S woRk
wiTH Orca.

Why make DElfIN’s
Orca system your own?

PRECISION, SPEED, INNOvATION and RESPONSIvENESS. DELFIN shares many of the legendary qualities of its namesake, and it is this shared association of attributes which inspired DELFIN's name and is at the heart of its mission

Made in

Engineered with German precision and attention to detail throughout the research, product development and manufacturing phases, at DElfin, no detail is overlooked or considered insignificant.

to Speed

The hallmark of an Orca system is the incredible speed of both the 5X milling unit and each and every module. any system is only as fast as its slowest component. That’s why we made sure that each component is optimized to contribute to the overall speed of the Orca system.

Driven by

Innovation is at the core of our company. Our engineering team has set out to develop and maintain the most innovative, technologically advanced dental system that performs to the highest standards and executes the most complex dental milling feats with ease, speed, and simplicity.


At DELFIN, despite all the high- tech bells & whistles our systems are replete with, we haven’t lost sight of the importance of the human element. The Orca system is easy to control, flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly. its formidable power is stowed “under the hood” right where it belongs.