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Precision is thE defining feature of a suPerior dental restoration. accuracy imPacts aesthetics, fit, and tensile strength, which is why our equiPment and suPPlies are engineered first and foremost for Precision.

a Precision dental restoration generates a Perfect smile, and in every country and every culture, smiling Patients are what keeP delfin’s clients haPPy.


[ DEtAIL ]

engineered with german Precision and attention to detail. when it comes to Product develoPment and manufacturing, we make sure that no detail is overlooked or considered insignificant.

every detail matters, which is why each delfin comPonent has Been concePtualized and created from the ground uP, and executed and manufactured to the highest gloBal quality standards.




each of the comPonents in our Patent-Pending milling systems sPort a seamless, fluid design that Both enhance and simPlify the underlying technology, reflecting the needs of the end user.

in addition to functional design, the systems themselves are engineered for aesthetics that look good in any setting and contriBute to the distinctive delfin identity.



with all the high-tech, intelligent features that our systems are rePlete with, we haven’t lost sight of the imPortance of the human element, keePing our Products uncomPlicated, flexiBle, and aPProachaBle.

desPite their highly soPhisticated, comPlex underPinnings, delfin’s systems have elegantly simPle interfaces that are excePtionally intuitive and user-friendly.



Welcome to a world where a dolphin’s
remarkable powers become a part of your own.


Dolphins are innovative, using their superior intelligence to smoothly adapt to new environments.

Dolphins swim at incredible speed, and in sync with each other so that no dolphin is left behind.

imagine YouRself intuitiVelY inteRacting with an UlTRaMoDERn GaME-CHanGER, haRnessing its poweR, and ReVeling in its bRilliance.


A dolphin’s natural sonar, called echolocation, is so precise it can determine the difference between a golf ball and a ping-pong ball based solely on density.

Dolphins are friendly and playful, seeking out and responding eagerly to human interaction.

imagine if the dolphin’s innate pRecision weRe incoRpoRated into a dental milling machine.


The future of dental CAD/CAM technology is now within
your reach. Partner with DELFIN today.

Right now is an exciting time for the dental lab industry. technology has taken a great leap forward as cad/cam has moved from the realm of the unattainable to a commonplace upgrade. it is more accessible than ever before, allowing labs and even dental practices to easily satisfy the growing demand for precision restorations.

The future of dentistry is full of promise as u.s. and eu demand for quality dental prosthetics is expected to be fueled by aging baby boomers who can afford the quality dental procedures, and by the increasing demand by youngsters for better, and more natural cosmetic solutions.

“THE MaRkET FoR DEnTal REsToRaTions Has ExPloDED. in 2007 THE MaRkET was PREDiCTED To REaCH $11 billion by 2014. yET in 2009, THE MaRkET was alREaDy valUED aT ovER $10.7 billion anD is ExPECTED To ConTinUE iTs ExPlosivE GRowTH TRajECToRy.”

Source: Research & Markets. (2010)

Dental laboratories are increasing their efficiency as they face tough overseas competition. as a result, the demand for automated technologies in the dental industry is expected to rise. in addition, laboratories will need to increase production in order to satisfy a growing number of patients.

As more and more dentists are prescribing all-ceramic restorations because of advantages such as biocompatibility and superior aesthetics, the penetration of cad/cam produced prosthetics is expected to grow, representing over 30 percent of all dental prosthetics by 2016.

“Don’T blink oR yoU MiGHT Miss iT.”

- Dr. Paul Feuerstein Technology Editor,
Dental Economics



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