A PeRFect ReStoRAtion StARtS With PeRFectLY AccuRAte iMAging.

Which is why at Delfin, we didn’t
think good was good enough.

You need an image that captures every nuance from every angle, and we’re proud to bring you an innovative scanner that accomplishes precisely that.

White Light iMAging

White Light Imaging is the most accurate process for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of a three-dimensional object, and is far more accurate than laser.

ORCA’s Spinner employs white light technology to provide you with astoundingly precise scans no matter how complex the model.


Just load the model and let Delfin’s scanning technology handle the rest.


At 30 seconds per unit, and only 3 minutes for a full arch, the ORCA Spinner is up to 3 times faster than other imaging systems.


With precision down to the nanometer level, you’ll be confidently producing scans that result in a superior fit.