faster milling speeds
than any other system.

With faster milling speeds than any other system, you’ll find yourself getting more done in less time. And with its groundbreaking wet/dry technology, among other innovations, it’s also the only desktop unit that has the added capacity to mill metal blanks such as titanium and chromium cobalt. No other dental milling system gives you more options, more flexibility and more control.

simultaneous 5 axis milling

The ORCA 5X is a simultaneous 5-axis milling machine. Its five axes can handle every single one of our extensive selection of milling blanks, and gives you the kind of precision that would prove impossible with just three axes, as it effortlessly reaches even convoluted angles and undercuts.

automatic tool changer

The ORCA 5X is equipped with an automatic tool changer which gives you one less variable to fuss with. The fully automated system selects and changes tools as needed.

integrated touchscreen

The unit’s beautiful and functional integrated touchscreen gives you control right where the action is. And the intuitive interface means your fingers will be gliding their way to greater productivity as you enjoy the convenience of on-the-spot interaction.

dust free

The ORCA’s compact, quiet, highly efficient integrated vacuum system continuously clears dust and extraneous particles to effectively maintain a clean environment for your newly milled dental restorations.