The equation is simple:

Quality Input =
Quality Output.

ORCA materials are the building blocks that lead to our trademark flawless final results. The equation is simple: Quality Input = Quality Output.

Consistent HigH Quality

ORCA’s Z-Flips are Zirconium Oxide blanks that combine the best of Zirconium’s intrinsically superior features such as aesthetic appeal, tensile strength, and biocompatibility, with proprietary Delfin technology that ensures consistency and material integrity that’s rock solid.

standaRdized ziRConiuM

Z-Flips are available in a range of shades, and in a revolutionary feat of Delfin ingenuity, our Zirconium is 100% standardized. That means every single ORCA Z-Flip you’ll ever get will have precisely the same shrinkage level, so you won’t ever have to fuss with shrinkage adjustments.

MateRial VaRiety

In addition to zirconium, a whole range of top quality materials are also available for the ORCA system. All Delfin materials and blanks have been custom designed for the ORCA so that you can be sure that each blank is a perfect fit that integrates naturally and organically into the cutting-edge ORCA system.