eAch And every vAriAble is
meticulously Accounted for.

The ORCA Echo automated sintering unit is an integral element in the ORCA system. With a host of advanced features including automatic power correction for fluctuating voltages, every factor is tightly controlled. Each and every variable is meticulously accounted for, resulting in a consistently flawless finish every time.

high speed

Faster sintering times generates increased output and enhanced efficiency. The ORCA Echo’s high speed and capacity means that instead of drying times holding you back, you can fire up the Echo and get more done in less time.

precision control

The ORCA Echo offers precise control over temperatures in a safe, controlled environment, and automatically adjusts the furnace temperature to the correct setting for the loaded materials.

integrAted controller

The integrated control unit constantly monitors internal conditions and ensures the temperature remains level throughout the sintering cycle. And the digital display gives you instant visual feedback so that you can keep an eye on the process if you choose to.

consistent results

Perfectly even and constant heat distribution means consistent results every time. And this consistency extends to each phase in the sintering cycle for consistently impeccable results.

fully AutomAted

Thanks to a fully automated sintering process, once you load the milled restorations, the Echo flawlessly heats, insulates, sets and cools each unit. So while all you need to do is “set it and forget it”, you can take pride in a flawless finish every time.